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Let your beauty become a reflection of your total wellness, and invest in the long term health of your skin.


Thank you for choosing Pilar’s Organic Facial Studio

Inspired by wellness, Focused on wholeness, Always Organic.
Using only the finest European and Organic Products

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Dear Clients,

In my studio, I have created an experience more elaborate than a facial, described by many clients as a "facial journey." My modivation is to help my clients have an authentic connection to the abundance of beauty they already possess.

Pilar's clients consistently look radiant after her treatments. Achieving consistent results in skin care is very challenging. Using her diverse background Pilar combined specific time proven techniques to balance each and every treatment and uniquely adjusting it to the individual client. Her treatments bring out the natural luster and beauty of facial skin; Pilar is an esthetician's esthetician. How I wish she was still on the West Coast.
Eliza Buck, Inspirit Skin Care

Enjoy the 9 great reasons to book an appointment at Pilar’s Skincare Studio:
  1. Toxic-free products that promote healthy, vibrant, and beautiful skin.
  2. Personal analysis and treatments specialized for your unique needs.
  3. The highest grade handmade products from Europe that provide layers of stimulation, nourishment, and benefit through exotic spices, herbal muds, fresh fruit, and herbs.
  4. Ninety minutes of continuous care with essential oils, and multiple forms of massage will relax you like no other treatments.
  5. 25 exceptional products used in every facial.
  6. Special introductory price for first time clients to introduce you to these unique facial services.
  7. Convenient location at 311 Maple Avenue West, Suite J Room #4, with flexible hours, six days a week.
  8. A focus on wellness through lifestyle changes, product information, and nutritional suggestions.
  9. Certified organic products available for purchase.
For me it is a privilege to take care of you, and the reflection you put out to the world.

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Pilar DiVittorio, LCE

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